Beautiful Loving 16 month old Female Mix Breed 
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Listing ID: 18832

Listing ID: 18832
Price: $25.00

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A year ago during Hurricane Harvey this beautiful puppy swam to my porch to seek refuge. Her age is just an estimate. Sammie is a loving , playful and smart dog. She was potty trained in just a few short weeks, she shakes, sits and will stand on her back legs. She is kennel trained and she has been since a pup. All I have to do is snap my fingers and say kennel and she goes right in. I have a big yard so she doesn't have much experience on a lease. She gets along with other dogs (all sizes) and cats and kittens. She loves children but sometimes she is a bit too rough because she is soo big. She is a chewer so if she is not supervised she needs to go in the kennel. Normally in the past she has chewed when I have gone out of town and she suffers from separation anxiety. I give her lots of chew toys and now that she's over a year old she is much better. At night she sleeps with me but will adapt to sleeping in kennel if needed. She has had all her puppy shots but she still needs her rabies. Sammie is very sensitive and can sense mood changes. Like right now she is looking at me with those sad eyes. She only barks if someone comes on the property but as far as protection, she might lick someone to death. I have Never seen her aggressive. This is very difficult for me to give her up. I recently lost my job of 9 years and now my home is foreclosing. I am moving to Nebraska where I am originally from and all my family lives there. My cousin up there said he could take her but Sammie is not use to long car rides and I will be living with my Grandpa and he can't have animals. So I don't know how long it would be until I could get my own home and get her back. I just want her to be loved and cared for. She is an inside dog unless she is just outside doing her business or playing. I don't want her tied up outside to a dog house. She needs love and attention. I will only sell her to the a loving family. Local pick up preferred. Contact me by email.
  • Listing ID:
  • 18832
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  • $25.00
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  • 27
  Registered on: Aug 12, 2018
  Porter, Texas, United States
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