Baby Hedgehogs looking for Forever Homes 

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Perfect apartment pets are available for new homes. Hedgehogs are perfect for apartments cause they make no noise. We are in Grand Falls area and willing to meet if you aren't too far away. These little exotic pets do require special care as a heat emitter a thermostat, a very large clear tote, and a 13" wheel that they can get their exercise as they can run 12 miles a night. They eat a variety of cat kibble, fruit, and veggies, and also eat wax worms, blood worms, and other bugs that you can google. They also need a place for them to hide away. The best place you can get this stuff would be online with Amazon. They deliver to your door. There are places where you can get shavings that are suitable if you look on market place on Facebook We get ours delivered 50lb bag for $7 and they deliver to your home. No cedar or pine. If you are interested in these little guys, please message me and I can answer any questions you may have. The reason they need a heat emitter is because if they get cold they can try to hibernate and would likely die without warmth.
Country: Canada
City: St Andre
State: New Brunswick
Seller address: 25 Waddell Rd, St. Andre, New Brunswick, Canada E3

Price: Ask
Listing ID: 27394

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