Storefront Help

The StoreFront provide a seller not only the opportunity to highlight their listings but also the advantage of profiling their company as well. When site visitors click into one of your StoreFronts they will experience a personalized look at the your listings, logo, unique category browsing, personal extra pages, news letters, and more.

StoreFront are populated with items by your current active listings on our site. The software will automatically detect your active listings and insert them into the StoreFront. If you desires, you can set up your own personal StoreFront category structure and have your active listings displayed within their appropriate categories. During the site's standard listing process, the StoreFront owner will first choose which one of our site's categories their current listing will be placed in. Then, later in the process, you will choose which one of their StoreFront's categories your current listing will be placed in.

The image below represents how a StoreFront might look once it is fully set up.

  Seller's Logo - You can upload your own logo to personalize the StoreFront.

2.  Seller's Welcome Note - You can upload your own slogan or welcome message if you desire.

3.  Seller's Categories - You can set up your own category structure specific to your StoreFront. For example, if our main site has 30 categories, but the you only wants to offer items two categories, you can simply set up only the two categories that you want. Then, when listing your items through the software's normal listing process, one of the selections will be to choose the “StoreFront Category” that the item will be placed within.

4. Seller's Pages - You can create extra pages within your StoreFront to provide additional information to your visitors.

5. Seller's Newsletter Signup - You can offer the ability for site visitors to subscribe to your “newsletter” by having the visitor submit their email address. Each “newsletter” that you sends out is recorded for later recall if they wish. All subscribers are recorded in the your StoreFront Manager tool.

6.  StoreFront Browsing - Visitors will browse the your StoreFront just as if they were browsing the main site, except that they will see only your listings. You will also notice that columns are sortable as well just as they are in the main site's browsing.